Wednesday, December 9, 2009
Fudgy Cookies and Sugar Free Soda
It's that time of year...cookie time.
I have been snooping around, looking for some good gluten/dairy free recipes. I came across this recipe on the King Arthur website for flourless fudge cookies. I liked it for a few of reasons...gluten free, dairy free and fat free (well, except for the chocolate chips I added)! These are very fudgy!
I am always making batch after batch of fudge during the holiday season. Fudge takes a little more time, so the fact that these come together so quickly and give my family the taste of fudge makes them even better in my book! I am a huge fan of finding a recipe for something that tastes naughty without being naughty! I added dairy free chocolate chips to make them a little more special, but they don't need them. They are very rich, so a little goes a long way! Go here for step by step directions.
Now for some sugar free all natural soda. I am always looking for a healthy alternative for everything. I am the kind of girl that eats or drinks everything for a reason. I do like the occasional sugar free soda when I am eating things with a lot of flavor (or hot sauce). So, the nice folks at Zevia sent me a sampling of all 6 flavors. They come in orange, black cherry, natural twist, ginger ale, cola and root beer. I have to say, my youngest son thought this was an awesome experiment. Seriously, a soda that I say "ok" to...he was on it. So, now for my thoughts...these remind me a lot of the flavored soda water my mom used to drink. They do taste like a healthy soda, which I really enjoy (I like healthy stuff). I liked that they are not super sweet. I mostly drink water, so the slightly sweet flavor of Zevia is perfect for me when I am looking for something with a little extra flavor without all of the calories and chemicals.

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