Monday, November 16, 2009
Raw Cookies A Review
Do you play the word game? Meaning, do you get a mental picture of something when you hear the word? I know I do. With the changing food trends, the names of foods are changing too. My guess is, this is so you have a frame of reference when you hear the word. So, when I saw these raw cookies from SunPower Natural Cafe, I was very interested in what a raw cookie would be like. Ever since I have had so many cooked food issues, I have been exploring more options in raw foods. I have really been into eating foods much closer to their natural state. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect with these cookies. So, when I opened the package, I was a little surprised. Again, this goes back to what you envision when you think of the word cookie. I guess if you think of a round flat sweet as a cookie, then yes, these are cookies. For me though, I feel more like they are candies. Now, that is not a bad thing, I just would not necessarily call them cookies...maybe a confection. Ok, so now how do they taste? They are so good! I tried the Raw Fruit Burst Cookies, the Raw Cinnamon Cookies and the Raw Chocolate Chip Cookies.
First off, lets just say that I love when you can read, pronounce and know what every ingredient is in a food. It is very reassuring when you know exactly what you are eating. All three of these varieties are cashew based. I really liked the Fruit Burst Cookies. You can actually taste the variety of fruits. The orange really stands out to me. I love the mix of cranberry and orange!
Next is the Cinnamon good! Again, the cinnamon really shines through these little treats! I love cinnamon, so these were definitely a winner in by book!
Lastly, there is the Chocolate Chip Cookie. These were probably my favorite out of the three. The chocolate flavor is so deep and rich. I am not a chocoholic at all, but I can definitely appreciate a nice piece of chocolate and that is what this flavor has to offer!

If you are looking for some nice wholesome treats that taste decadent, then you would really enjoy the raw cookies from SunPower Natural Cafe.

Written for Go Dairy Free


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