Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Peanut Butter Cup Blondies
My family is a huge fan of the all mighty peanut butter and chocolate combination! So when I saw this recipe on Elyse's Confectionary Creations, I knew I had to make it! Most people act so sad for me when I tell them that I can't have dairy. The biggest concern people seem to have with my lack of dairy consumption is what in the world do you do about chocolate??? Well, I hate to mention this, but chocolate is not dairy...they put it in there when they mix it up! Funny thing is, I buy a lot of dairy free chocolate and no one here complains at all. In fact, there are some things that get complimented as being better than the regular name brand (a review is coming tomorrow on that one). So, it may take a little extra looking around, but dairy free chocolate like the ones you have always loved are out just have to look for them.
I only changed a few things, so I will post the recipe with my changes, but you should take a look at all of the great stuff that Elyse has done.
Peanut Butter Blondies
(Adapted from Elyse's Confectionary Creations

1 1/4 cup white whole wheat flour (spoon flour into a measuring cup and level)
3/4 tsp baking powder
1/8 tsp salt
1/2 cup creamy peanut butter

1 stick of dairy free butter

1 cup brown sugar
1 large egg
1 tsp vanilla
2 1/2 cups chopped chocolate peanut butter cups

Spray an 8x8 baking pan with cooking spray. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

In a mixing bowl, mix the flour, powder, and salt together. Set this aside. Melt butter in microwave. When melted, whisk in peanut butter until mixture is smooth. Next, whisk in the sugar, egg and vanilla. Mix the wet mixture into the flour mixture just until combined. Then, stir in chocolate peanut butter cups. Bake for 25-30 minutes, until toothpick comes out clean.


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