Saturday, August 8, 2009
Through my adventures with stomach problems and digestion issues, I learned about the benefits of probiotics. I normally take a pill or two everyday just to aid in my digestion. I used to eat yogurt like nobody's business until I learned that the yogurt was part of the problem for me. Some people with lactose intolerance can have regular yogurt because most of the lactose is already digested by the healthy bacteria. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people. GoodBelly offered me the dairy-free solution I was looking for!
I had been eying this product in the store, so I decided to give it a try. GoodBelly comes in different forms like the big juice cartons and also in little shot cups. There are six different flavors, so there is quite a bit of variety.
The juices in the cartons are just that...a juice. The flavors in the carton are Mango, Black Current and Cranberry Watermelon. Since I had so much and I have some adventurous friends we all tried some. The kids and I really liked the Cranberry Watermelon. It was a nice refreshing juice. The other juices were given good reviews for flavor, as well.
The shots also come in three flavors. They are Blueberry Acai, Strawberry Rosehips and Peach Mango. The reviews on the shots is pretty much the same across the board. They taste a lot like the creaminess was taken out of the yogurt. You get the flavor of yogurt, but without the smooth mouth feel you get from yogurt. I think the shots would be great in homemade ice cream recipes or smoothies. That way you can add the benefits of the probiotics in everyday foods that don't typically have them already. I wanted to play with them even more to make sauces or bake with them, but you lose the help benefit of the probiotics with you heat them. So, even though my stash is gone now...I plan to get more to play with!

GoodBelly is dairy, soy and wheat free, so it is great for people with food allergies. My youngest one is already questioning when I am getting more of the Cranberry Watermelon I would say that one is the favorite around here!

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  • At August 10, 2009 at 11:29 AM, Anonymous Ariel at GoodBelly said…

    Thank you for your post on GoodBelly! If any of you want to try GoodBelly, check out our 12 day challenge -- drink 1 shot of GoodBelly PLUS per day for 12 days, and if you don't find an improvement in your digestive system, we will refund you. Yes, it's that impactful. Please contact me at if you have any questions, and find a store near you here: Thanks again!

    Ariel at Team GoodBelly

  • At August 10, 2009 at 12:23 PM, Blogger AlmostGreenKnitChick said…

    Thank you for posting this - my friend's husband designed their website and tried the products and loved them. I've been meaning to try them since I'm completely off dairy now after many years thinking I was JUST lactose intolerant - WRONG. Thank you for your blog - it is a good support for my new lifestyle.

  • At August 14, 2009 at 3:40 PM, Blogger GoodBelly Consumer Relations said…

    Hello Sarena!

    I'd love to reach out to you directly. Do you mind sending me an email when you get a chance? Mine is

    Thanks so much!
    Ariel at GoodBelly

  • At March 29, 2012 at 2:19 AM, Blogger Catherine said…

    I've seen so many good reviews about goodbelly. however, I really trust the supplement I'm taking because i feel good with it. If you think it's not good with you try the supplement I'm taking. you can find it at Dr. mercola's website. I think it's the best probtiocs

  • At April 24, 2012 at 11:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    GoodBelly shots are amazing! They help my disgestive issues so much, have a multivitamin included, and are dairy free. If you, like me, have one with breakfast, I really think you will feel better all day, inside your gut and all over! I am more regular and feel healthy.

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