Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Back To Basics
The illustrator and I have gone back to basics! We have decided to find ways to be more economical and environmentally friendly. We have started composting - which for someone like me that eats a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables-that is not hard to do. Our trash is practically nothing! We use reusable bags when we go to any store (I have food bags and non food bags). Now we are growing our food! We have been talking about growing a garden for years and this year is going to be the one! We tried to grow some stuff last year, but the bunnies got to it before it got big enough to even produce anything! They are cute, but they sure did make me mad! We are going to do raised gardens this time to try to minimize invaders. Hopefully, this will work! We are also starting the plants from seeds this time. We wanted to be economical about it since we were going to have to take the extra step to build the gardens off the ground! This is what we have started with and it has been fun watching them emerge.

Everyday, all four of us, go into our bathroom to check out what has gotten bigger and what has decided to show its green little heads. So far, we have carrots, tomatoes, cumbers, zucchini, coriander, chives, watermelon and cantaloupe. We are still waiting on the sweet peppers, jalapenos, basil and oregano.

We are going to plant a few other things too, but that is all we had room for to start with in the bathroom! We are all so excited to be a little more self sufficient!

By the way, growing your own food and making more from scratch is a great way to avoid dairy
contamination! I can't wait to make my own pasta sauces and salsas from scratch! This is going to be a great summer!


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