Sunday, January 13, 2008
Holiday Cheer!
So, it has been forever since I last posted anything. The holidays are now a complete blur to me and life has been so busy that food has not really been a priority around here lately. That is definitely going to change now! Between stomach bugs, travel, work and holiday parties...we have still not slowed down around here. Since the holidays are all about doing for others, I did not really focus on dairy free treats for myself. The illustrator and I always do holiday gifts for our clients, so I thought I would just show you that I have not been a lazy bum after all! I always have a blast making these treats for our clients. They always seem so appreciative and it is fun coming up with new a different ways to package them. We individualize them for each client with a focus on things that they like. It seems to have evolved into us adding an ornament on the packaging that is very specific to the client! Honestly, everything can be made dairy free. I just don't worry about it when it is for such a large number of people and the cost can get pretty high for the dairy free alternatives! So, here is what we did...

Each of these boxes have something different in them. I made white chocolate peppermint bark, chocolate fudge, rocky road fudge and oatmeal date walnut cookies (my standby recipe)! These are for the larger clients.
I love these little guys! They are so sweet (literally). We did these for a smaller clients and the kids teachers. The one showing is for a bartender. I loved how they turned out!
So, now that the holidays are over and life is pretty much back to normal...I plan to get back into things that are more for myself. I seem to have lost focus when it comes to cooking. Do you ever just get so overwhelmed with the options that you just stay with the old standbys? I am very guilty of finding new recipes and putting them aside for another day, to then finding myself only having an omelet for dinner. I have decided to start to plan more menus and try to stick with them. I think that will encourage me to try more things and not sit here and see all the beautiful things that other people are making and start trying more things out for myself! I do much better with organized plans than I do with trying to figure things out on the fly!


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