Tuesday, October 2, 2007
You Start Eating With Your Eyes People!
Just to make this clear, I am not fusing at you...I am just so confused about this product. I mean the first thing you learn in culinary school is, "You start eating with your eyes". I guess that means that you can fool some people by serving them something gorgeous that tastes just ok. Now, those of us out there that post what we cook on our blogs know how this works. We want you to "want" to come back and see what we are up to. Foodies are especially interested in the look of food. It is what brings us to the store (everyday...don't tell on me) in hopes to see something new and beautiful and fresh. So, this brings me to...what were they thinking? I mentioned before that my last trip to Whole Foods was all about exploring new foods and trying different things. We all know that in some cases you can't judge a book by it's cover. I mean, this looks perfectly harmless, right (from the outside)? Open this sucker up and holy cow! My youngest one said it looked like diarrhea and honestly, I could not disagree. So I ask you, why, when there are so many great yogurt products out there, would you not try to make this look or taste better? Now, if anyone else has tried this and I am wrong, let me know if mine was just bad. I just wanted to say that I just don't get it. I really enjoy so many rice products, this was not one of them. It is such a shame too, because it really could be good for you!

Now, one more thing...after tons of research this weekend, the illustrator and I have discovered that there are some over the counter products for allergies that don't have lactose. Some of them seem fairly new to me. It appears as thought the medications that are gel based and not powder based are safe. I started taking Alavert (the one that melts on your tongue) and it seems to be helping! I tried the mint one and I really don't mind it. It's kinda like a mint Tums. I don't know why my allergies are so bad this year, but if this works, then I will work with it for now! I pray for chillier days!

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