Sunday, August 5, 2007
Asian Noodle Bowl

It does not get any easier than using leftovers for a quick meal! The illustrator was still in need of some "soup" so this is one we throw together often. If you have veggies in the freezer, wheat noodles in the pantry and leftover chicken, shrimp or pork then you are in business! This is what I do for a small pot of Asian noodle bowl (as we call it here)...cook a little wheat pasta according to package directions minus a couple of minutes (it should still be firm - undercooked). Then drain the water off of the pasta. Pour a 14 1/2oz can of chicken broth over the noodles. Throw in a couple of hands full of frozen/fresh vegetables (I use the Chinese mix of frozen vegetables and some shredded cabbage) and some meat of your choice (this is totally optional). Cook for a few minutes until the vegetables are cooked. I add a tablespoon of hoisin sauce and a little pepper. You are done. It is quick, easy and very tasty!

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